Process Optimization

Define and structure your laboratories administrative processes – Allow more time for actual research!

Well designed and easily structured processes are the key factors for every successful organization.

Perfectly organized databases (Reagent Management, Inventories, etc.) and efficient Time Management are always the result of a thorough Process Optimization.

Increase your laboratory efficiency by optimizing all your administrative tasks, and implementing the best available process supporting IT tools.

Efficient Process Optimization will allow your team to spend more time on actual research projects and helps new laboratory fellows to incorporate themselves into the lab much faster.

Labtimizer helps you by identifying and describing your processes and helps optimizing them by providing the right tools!

Electronic Lab Solutions

Boost your lab efficiency with tailored IT!

IT can help your laboratory saving money and time. In fact, often it even does both. Tailored IT solutions as well as current off-the-shelf-standard products are affordable like never before.

Inventory Management, Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Time Management and Facility Management solutions are no longer exclusively affordable to well-financed institutes only. Increase your lab efficiency and benefit from IT which fits your situation and your environment. Choose the proper IT solution which fulfills all your individual needs.

Labtimizer helps you making the right IT decisions for your laboratory, and implement them!

Knowledge Management

Spread the word in your team!

Managing and keeping the knowledge in your laboratory is a challenging task. Loss of knowledge, due to common high employee fluctuation rates as well as recurring errors, are unpleasant, but typical issues for small working groups. Face that challenge and avoid those problems for your lab. Knowledge documentation and knowledge transfer are important elements to determine long term success.

Labtimizer helps you by implementing efficient and lasting Knowledge Management to make sure all the knowledge stays in your lab and evolves.


Simplify collaboration between individuals and with teams!

Working together to achieve and realize shared goals is always interesting and promising. At the same time, it is often challenging and some organizational effort is required. Provide the proper tools and let become your team more successful by collaborating intensively. Allow your team to share papers and presentations easily and promote and encourage collaboration.

Labtimizer helps you by identifying and implementing the proper collaboration tools for your team and with external collaborations!

Expense Reduction

Spend your money smart!

Everybody knows that at the end of the day, there are only two ways to have more money in your pocket. You either have to earn more or you have to spend less.

However, there are some costs you just cannot avoid but others you can. Identify all of your unnecessary spending and optimize your balance sheet by analyzing all of your expenses.

Labtimizer helps you optimizing your balance sheet and avoiding unnecessary costs!

Laboratory Business Intelligence (LBI)

Learn what is going on in your lab!

A lot of data is generated daily when managing a laboratory. Most of them are raw figures without easily interpretable information. LBI allows you to connect the dots and transform that raw data into meaningful and useful information. LBI let you identify and develop new opportunities and helps you with making management decisions.

Monitor and gain a better understanding of all your projects, your expenses and consumptions in your laboratory. Knowledge is power!

Labtimizer helps you by implementing an efficient LBI solution and helps you to enhance your overview of your lab activities!